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J Crit Spine Cases 2012 Nov; 5(2): 41-44
Paraspinal Decompression during Bilateral Lumbar Decompression with a Unilateral Approach
Min Soo Kang, MD and Byungjoo Jung, MD, PhD*
Department of Neurosurgery, Daegu Wooridul Spine Hospital, Daegu, Korea
Department of *Neurosurgery, Seoul Wooridul Spine Hospital, Seoul, Korea
Herein, we report the efficacy of paraspinal decompression while performing bilateral lumbar decompression with a unilateral approach for a patient with intractable unilateral leg pain due to stenosis and extraforaminal disc herniation. A 74-year-old woman presented with severe left buttock and left anterior thigh pain and numbness and paresthesia that had increased over six weeks. A magnetic resonance imaging and a computed tomography scan revealed both a diffuse bulging disc with stenosis and a soft foraminal and extraforaminal disc at L2-3 on the left side. To preserve the facet joint as much as possible, we decided to perform paraspinal decompression while doing a bilateral lumbar decompression using a unilateral approach. The herniated extraforaminal disc fragments were completely removed and central stenosis was decompressed successfully. The clinical outcome was confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging and previous symptoms were much improved. In the surgical treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis with an extraforaminal disc, this technique can be a safe and useful alternative method for minimizing the risk to the lumbar facet joint.
Extraforaminal discㆍParaspinalㆍUnilateral approached bilateral lumbar decompression
J Crit Spine Cases 2012 Nov; 5(2): 41-44

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