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J Crit Spine Cases 2012 Nov; 5(2): 77-80
Unnoticed Foreign Bodies that Penetrated the Spinal Dura Mater after Acupuncture Procedures
Hyun Min Oh, MD and Byeong-Wook Hwang, MD, PhD
Department of Neurosurgery, Busan Wooridul Spine Hospital, Busan, Korea
Acupuncture is very popular treatment method in Asia. However, numerous adverse events have been reported in relation to acupuncture; these include infection, spinal cord injury, spinal nerve root injury, and migration of foreign bodies such as gold pins. In general, hypodermal gold pin implantation is performed by inserting fine gold pins into subcutaneous muscle tissues. These gold pins do not cause serious adverse effects and are easily detected in radiological examinations. We report a rare case of a 67-year-old woman with low back and left leg pain who had underwent acupuncture at oriental medical clinics for several years to control the pain. The patient visited our hospital because the pain had recently worsened. Radiological examinations revealed multiple foreign bodies in the spinal dura mater and far lateral herniated discs at the left L4-5-S1. In addition to the gold pins, this revealed plastic pins penetrating the spinal dura mater during the surgery that had not been detected in the radiological examinations. We experienced a rare case of spinal dura punctured foreign bodies, which were plastic pins that are easily overlooked in radiological imaging studies.
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J Crit Spine Cases 2012 Nov; 5(2): 77-80

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